45 X 30 cm. Oil on board.


My effort from Saturday's Pintar Rapido art competition in Las Palmas (07-07)
No prize but I enjoyed it.

Here is a link to the winners and photo's from the day:

61 x 50 cm. Oil on canvas.


A couple of un-posted pieces:

Landscape near Mogan.
16 x 12 in.
Oil on board.

10 x 12 in.
Oil on board.

Lomo Caballo.
10 x 12 in.
Oil on board.


Bar front.
25 X 20 cm. Oil on panel.

After loads of walking we eventually ended up at a bar this weekend.
It seemed right.


Two sketches from the weekend.

 Both 21 X 29.7 cm. (A4) Oil on panel.



40 X 30 cm. Oil on canvas.

I was asked to make the portrait above for somebody and it was my first real attempt into portrait painting. Sadly it was painted from a photo reference as it was a surprise gift.

The one below was painted from life in around 3 hours on Saturday afternoon.
30 X 25 cm. Oil on canvas.


Waves in the north of Las Palmas.

9 X12 in. Oil on panel.

This was a 45 minute sketch made on the rocks at the north end of Las Palmas.
 Most of Las Palmas is sand. The water is clear and the swells that pushed in over the rocks created amazing scenes.


I finished this painting last weekend, based on a plein-air from a few months back.
 Painting only at weekends because of the lack of light in the evenings, it took me several weeks to complete.

Riverbed, Southern Morocco
90 X 70 cm. Oil on canvas.

Also here was my entry for 'A Brush with the Broads' Sunday Quick-Draw competition last September in Great Yarmouth.

Yarmouth Amusements.
25 X 30 cm. Oil on panel.


Church Steps

10 X 12 in. Oil on board.

I'm slowly getting used to people watching me, commenting, playing spot the difference etc.


A Swedish Yacht
60 X 30 cm. Oil on canvas.

I would have liked to have included the Swedish flag waving off the back. Oh well.
 I like the format of these canvases though. I bought some more.


Courtyard inside the kasbah, Essaouira.
30 X 25 cm. Oil on board.

I made this late in July but just re-found it looking through some stuff.


22.5 X 30 cm. Oil on board.

I was on a strict time-budget with this. (It took an hour and a half exactly).
But maybe the lack of time took away any luxury of indecision, so the piece turned out quite well.


Old town
8 X 5 in. Oil on board.

Mid-town window view.
10 X 12 in. Oil on board.

60 X 80 cm [approx.]

This is a scene based on one of the landscape environments I'm making for a game called 'Kenshi'.
I will be painting more.


Garden Footbridge, Ranworth, Norfolk.
10 X 8 in. Oil on Board.


Lomo Chorillo, Gran Canaria

12 X 9 in. Oil on panel.

The bright bit near the centre is the road I was sat on, snaking away up a hill.
I guess I should have changed my painting position slightly so the road was more readable,
 but I didn't fancy sitting in the hot sun.


Red Church in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

12 X 9 in. Oil on Board.


Rooftop View
A view of the petrol station and mechanics across the road.
30 X 25 cm. Oil on board.


Mirleft Mosque, Morocco.
12 X 10. Oil on panel.

Instead of working as I normally do - from darkest darks to lightest lights, I began with a rough sky and keyed the rest of the painting to that. I think it really helped with my values. I feel this is much more luminous than my usual work


Two views from a colonial fort above Mirleft, Morocco.

Both 10 X  12 in. Oil on board.


Sea Cliffs near Mirleft, Morocco
16 X 12 in. Oil on board.


Riverbed 01

25 X 30 cm. Oil on board.

These two views were done from very nearly the same spot, looking down and up a still trickling riverbed
 in the valleys below Tiznit in Southern Morocco.

Riverbed 02

25 X 30 cm. Oil on board.

Coastal Cliffs.

25 X 30 cm. Oil on board.


2 more from Morocco. A little dusty from the trip.
These are from the Todgha Gorge in the High Atlas, the second one is also my first nocturne.
What an amazing place for light and landscape. I would have preferred to stay there longer.
Both 10 X 12 in. (or reverse). Oil on board.



Morocco throws up a cascade of painting opportunities.

Market Gateway at dawn
12 X 10 in. Oil on board.

The Oued Ksob 
12 X 10 in. Oil on board.

12 X 10 in. Oil on board.

Town Walls
10 X 12 in. Oil on board.

10 X 12 in. Oil on board.

Dunes 01
10 X 12 in. Oil on board.


Ragged Hillside

12 X 10 in. Oil on board.



16 X 12 in. Oil on board.


Dunes and shrubbery
12 X 10 in. Oil on board.


Underwater Blocks
12 X 10 in. Oil on board.
Looking down into amazing water off a harbour wall.
The fish were big.


Sea defences at Puerto Mogan
10 X 12 in. Oil on board.


I scaled up the plein air (before last) I made.
It's difficult to take a good photo with wet paint and lack of a decent set-up, but this is pretty close to how it looks.
65 X 46 cm. Oil on canvas.


16X12in. oil on board.


Eucalyptus and long shadows.
12 X 16 in. oil on board.


Road to Valsequillo

16 X 12 in. Oil on board.
The weather has started to improve. I like the smooth curve of this road hugging the hills.
So do bikers.


72 X 60 cm. Oil on canvas.

More indoor work from the rainy times.


Roque Bentayga

73 X 92 cm. Oil on canvas.


Outcrop at Tamadaba.
92 X 73 cm. Oil on canvas.
Based on a rained-out plein air.